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ID #: 388168 Brand: CINCINNATI SUB-ZERO Model: ZP-32 Type: Environmental Chambers Condition: Excellent Seller: Show me who the seller is... Location: Illinois United States Price: Request a QuoteAdded to Request list Chamber-W: 38 " Chamber-L: 38 " Chamber-H: 38 " Max Temperature: 375°F Dimensions: 49.6"W x 70.8"D x 91.5"H Cincinnati Sub-Zero Temperature Humidity Test Chamber – Model ZPH-32-1.5-H/AC Temperature Range: -34°C (-30°F) to +190°C (+375°F) Humidity Range: 10% to 98% relative humidity as limited by a +85°C (+185°F) maximum dry bulb and a +7°C (+45°F) minimum dew point. Control Stability: ±0.5°C (+1°F); ±3% relative humidity at steady state conditions after stabilization Temperature Performance: The ZPH-32-1.5-H/AC will cycle between +85°C (+185°F) and (Non-humidity operation) -20°C (-4°F) at an average temperature change rate of 2°C per minute based on an empty chamber. Temperature pull down from +24°C (+75°F) to: -18°C ( 0°F) in 20 minutes -34°C (-30°F) in 55 minutes Temperature heat-up from: +24°C (+75°F) to + 94°C (+200°F) in 20 minutes +24°C (+75°F) to +190°C (+375°F) in 60 minutes -34°C (-30°F) to + 24°C (+ 75°F) in 10 minutes (Based on +24C/+75F ambient, 230 volt service, and use of included accessories. Some accessories may affect performance.) Live Load Capacity: 1,200 watts at -18°C ( 0°C) 250 watts at -34°C (-30°F) Note: Humidity control will be affected by the addition of live load. Workspace Volume: 32 Cubic Feet (905 Liters) Interior Dimensions: 38" wide x 38" deep x 38" high (97cm wide x 97 cm deep x 97 cm high) Exterior Dimensions: 46" wide x 83.75" deep x 89.50" high (117 cm wide x 213 cm deep x 227 cm high) (Addition of certain accessories may increase dimensions.) Shipping Weight: Approximately 2,075 pounds Utility Requirements: 208 or 230 volt (±5%), 60 hertz - 1 phase, 28 FLA, 35 amp minimum service - 3 phase, 26 FLA, 35 amp minimum service (Customer to provide power cord and plug) Heat Rejection: Approximately 6,400 watts (22,000 BTU/hr) maximum during cooling operation. Air Flow